After X-Men: Apocalypse was released earlier this summer, fans found themselves with more questions than answers. Perhaps the most thrilling and awe-inducing moment of the film was Sophie Turner’s Jean Grey releasing the Phoenix Force to take down an otherwise seemingly unstoppable foe. As a strong advocate of Jean Grey and the Phoenix stories, I was absolutely elated to see this scene unfold. Now that Phoenix has been reintroduced into the movie canon, many of us are wondering what is next for Jean Grey and if it will do justice to the character and stories we love.

Previously, On X-Men

To understand what fans hope to see in future X-Men installments, we first have to look at what did and did not work before. “The Phoenix Saga” is a complicated story with great emotional depth. Despite the creative liberties that the live-action films have been known to take, Bryan Singer did well in laying the ground work for Jean’s impending evolution both in X-Men and X2: X-Men United.
‘X-Men’ [Credit: Fox]

Fans with a keen eye noticed the moment in X-Men when Jean’s power began its accelerated evolution just after she used her telekinesis like never before at the Statue of Liberty. She clearly experienced something unnoticed by her teammates, and it was something deep within her. These subtle hints and teasing at the famous story to come titillated fans and had us watching the development of X-Men: The Last stand with baited breath.

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